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As healthcare and how it will impact your life in the near future is a topic of mixed emotions right now, it is a time to reflect on a very positive side of healthcare that often goes unnoticed. While we all schedule appointments to see a physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, etc., we should take a moment to think one of the true professionals that we, as patients, often we often spend most of our time with during a visit, the nurse.

With this week being National Nurse’s Week, I would encourage everyone to take a moment and thank those nurses who you come in contact with at clinics, hospitals and emergency rooms, your friends, neighbors and colleagues.

At Central Health Center, we are honored and very fortunate to have a top notch nurse who has such a broad knowledge of healthcare, who is always putting her patients first. Over the past 18 months working along-side Angela (Angie) Paul, LPN, I have continuously heard nothing but positive comments from her patients. She has a respected balance between attention to detail, medical knowledge and customer service.

The longevity of our patient base is a true tribute to Angie’s respect for patients. Although they may be coming in to see our medical provider, Angie takes strong ownership in ensuring patients receive the customer service, expertise and dignity they so rightly deserve.

As I am very fortunate to have the pleasure to work with a great team each day, it is with great honor and privilege that Angie is part of the Central Health Center team. From all of us at Central Health Center, we thank you for all you do for the patients, the agency and the team!


Brady L. Kerkman

                                                                   CEO Central Health Center, Inc.

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