127th Annual Lexington High School Banquet set for June

Marilyn Hueftle, far right, Lexington Alumni Association secretary, is with 2018 graduating seniors Kobe Lo, middle, class president and Antonio Stewart, left, vice-president. The graduates are receiving their LHS Alumni Banquet tickets. The Alumni Banquet is ast 6 p.m. Saturday, June 16, 2018 at the Lexington High School west gym.  Tickets can be purchased at U-Save Pharmacy for $25 each.

Plans are in the final stages for the 127th Annual Lexington High School Alumni Banquet set for 6 p.m. Saturday, June 16, 2018 at the Lexington High School west gym.  Tickets are now on sale at U-Save Pharmacy for $25 each. 

Honor classes are those ending in “8” and St. Ann’s graduates from those years will join the LHS alumni in celebrating. Alumni officers and honor class chairmen have been meeting since February to make plans and assist honor classes with planning their gatherings.

The focal point of the weekend will be the annual banquet. Singing the national anthem at the event will be incoming LHS freshman Saidi Ringenberg and servers will be from the Church of Christ youth group. Giving the invocation will be Chuck Larson, Class of ’68.  The Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a parade downtown at 10 a.m. June 16 and tours of the Lexington Middle School and Lexington High School will be available, as well as a tour of the Majestic Theatre. 

Honor classes and chairpersons this year are:

1948-Ed Darby

1953-Patsy (Wing) Loschen

1958-Barb (Mazanec) McCormick and Carolyn (Darby) Evans

1968-Linda (McHale) Guill

1968-St. Ann’s-Irene (Wilcox) Kenning and Janet Schank

1978-Sue (Geu) Margritz and Steve Luther

1988-Michele (Sellin) Flynn and Tricia (Hernandez) Latter

1998-Amy (Smith) Pepplitsch

2008-Juliana (Batie) Loudon

Honor class activities are:

1948-Friday: Meet at Mac’s Creek Winery and Saturday:  Alumni Banquet

1953-Friday: Meet at the Holiday Inn Express and Saturday:  Alumni Banquet

1958-Friday: Meet at Tracy Wood’s home and Saturday:  Meet at the Holiday Inn Express after the banquet

1968-Friday: Meet at Kirk’s Nebraskaland Restaurant and Saturday:  Alumni Banquet and Kirk’s Restaurant

1968-St. Ann’s-Friday: Nothing and Saturday: Meet at Jim Longly’s home, then Kirk’s Nebraskaland Restaurant

1978-Friday: Meet at Ronda (Rogers) and Mike Maloley’s home at Johnson Lake and Saturday: Alumni Banquet and Holiday Inn Express

1988-Friday: Meet at Amy Biehl-Owens’ cabin at Johnson Lake and Saturday: Alumni Banquet and Chris Price-Kennedy’s building

1998-Friday: Meet at Strike & Spare Bowl and Saturday: Alumni Banquet and Mac’s Creek Winery

2008-Friday: Meet at Holiday Inn Express and Saturday: Alumni Banquet

It appears to be shaping up to be a great weekend for all Lexington alumni honor classes. The LHS Alumni Association would like to remind everyone that the alumni banquet is open to all Lexington alumni, so please join us. Remember banquet tickets are available at U-Save Pharmacy and should be purchased as soon as possible.  We hope to see you all at the banquet.

Alumni Association officers include: Terry Gullion-President, Class of 1980; Brian Edeal-Vice-President, Class of 1967 and Marilyn (Kleint) Hueftle-Secretary, Class of 1967.

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