46th Annual Elwood Rodeo

Spencer Denaeyer of Seneca holds tight during the bareback bronco competition at the Elwood Rodeo.

ELWOOD — The 46th Annual Elwood Rodeo took place Thursday and Friday, as a part of the 2019 Gosper County Fair. Events featured included, bareback riding, steer wrestling, breakaway roping, saddle broncs, calf roping, mixed team roping , barrel racing and bull riding.

Ashlyn Mohling of Granville was crowned as the 2019 Elwood Rodeo queen to kick off the evening. Amber Gonzalez of McCook passed on the crown to Mohling. Rodeo queens must attend at least three rodeos throughout the year, as well as Elwood’s Old Fashioned Christmas.

The stock for the rodeo was provided by Phillips Rodeo Company, the announcer was Gregg McCreer. There were 60 contestants, from Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota and Texas, who participated.

“The members alone cannot host the rodeo and do rely on many people from the area to donate their time to take tickets, work in the concession stand and help with the stock. So, our hats off to all the people who help make Elwood’s Rodeo the success it has been for the past 46 years,” said the Elwood Rodeo Club.

Elwood Rodeo Results


1: Logan Glendy, 75.

2: Trey Seevers, 67.

Steer Wrestling

1: Trevor Haake, 3.8.

2: Kris Rasmussen, 3.9.

3: Dan Barner, 4.2.

4: Weston Winkers, 4.3.

5: Jeff Richardson, 4.6.

6: Gus Cross, 4.7.


1/2: Taylor Lagasse, 2.2.

1/2: Tanya Goad, 2.2.

3/4/5/6: Emma Ohm, 2.3.

3/4/5/6: Shaley Griffin, 2.3.

3/4/5/6: Kirby Eppert, 2.3.

3/4/5/6: Georgie Lage, 2.3.

Saddle Bronc

No Qualified Riders.

Calf Roping

1: Cheyenne Harper, 9.6.

2: Hadley McCormick, 9.7.

3: Patrick Martin, 10.0.

4: Maverick Harper, 10.1.

5: Cody Rieker, 10.8.

Team Roping

1: Jehtt Trenary, Bret Trenary, 5.5.

2: Cole Remington, Mitch Murray, 5.6.

3/4: Kelton Hill, Derek Jantzen, 5.7.

3/4: Jon Pudwill, Gralyn Elkins, 5.7.

5: Colten Lowry, Connor Stephens, 6.0.

6: Cole Sherwood, Steve Sherwood, 7.1.

Mixed Team Roping

1: Leigh Sherwood, Steve Sherwood, 6.6.

2/3: Macy Fuller, Tucker White, 6.9.

2/3: Mercedes Trenary, Jhett Trenary, 6.9.

4: Ginalee Sinner, Doug Finney, 7.9.

5/6: Bret Daly, Jennifer Daly, 8.0.

5/6: Tanya Goad, Travis Goad, 8.0.

Barrel Racing

1: Amanda Lymber, 16.32.

2: Pam Hollenbeck, 16.47.

3: Kelley Haythorn, 16.49.

4: Melissa Brouillett, 16.50.

Bull Riding

No Qualified Riders.

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