Students recognized for their scholastic work this fall

Left to right: Tate Amos, Megan Kuefner, Molly Dowling, Paola-Ortiz-Ibarra, Treyvan Berry, Finley Neher. Not pictured: Sarah Treffer.

LEXINGTON — As the holidays approach, seven Lexington students were recognized for their scholastic achievement by the Lexington Rotary Club and the Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce.

The students recognized where

- Sixth grade: Treyvan Berry, son of Bo and Amanda Berry.

- Seventh grade: Paola Ortiz-Ibarra, daughter of Lorenzo Ortiz and Maria Ibarra.

- Eighth grade: Finley Neher, son Julie and Matt Neher

- Freshman: Molly Dowling, daughter of Michael and Chrystal Dowling.

- Sophomore: Sarah Treffer, daughter of Bruce and Christy Treffer.

- Junior: Megan Kuefner, daughter of Robert and Amy Kuefner.

- Senior: Taeton Amos, son of David Amos and Stacey Cahill.

Lexington High School counselor Michelle McKeone presented the awards to each student individually.

Treyvan Berry has been involved in student council, Boy Scouts, CFI tackle football, Lexington Middle School bowling, basketball and wrestling. His GPA this semester was 3.8.

“I help others who need it not just my friends, maybe it’s my fellow neighbors and city,” Berry wrote.

Paola-Ortiz-Ibarra has been a part of Quiz Bowl, Circle of Friends, basketball, track and band. She is also helps out in the food pantry and is a part of her church activities. Her GPA was 4.2.

“I am a determined and hard worker,” Paola-Ortiz said, “I help at the food pantry every month.”

Finley Neher has been a part of 8th grade band, jazz band, honor band, Circle of Friends, Quiz Bowl, HAL program, First United Methodist Church youth group, FUMC bell choir, Majestic Theatre volunteer, Unifat soccer club, City of Lexington Tennis, vacation bible school volunteer, private piano lessons, group guitar lessons, youth worship at Iglesia Bantista, YMCA member and has been on the honor roll quarter. His GPA is 4.1.

“I have committed myself to academic achievements with my high GPA, Honor Roll and high NESA scores that placed me above the 95th percentile nationally for math and reading,” Neher wrote, “I enjoy serving and giving back to my community.”

Molly Dowling has been involved in volleyball, basketball, track, band, Majestic Theatre, Christmas Impact, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, student council, Parkview Baptist child care, babysitting, Awanas, youth group, food pantry, American Quarter Horse Youth Association, Quiz Bowl, Day of Caring, Circle of Friends, Ensenada, Mexico mission trip. Her GPA is 4.4.

“I take my school and my classwork seriously,” Dowling wrote, “My grades are important…I work hard to keep my grades up while being involved.”

Sarah Treffer has been a part of volleyball, basketball, track, band, Circle of Friends, FCA, FFA, 4-H, FUMC church group, Heritage Tour Committee, NHRC, therapeutic riding program, Operation Santa Claus, Micah House, 4-H Café. Her GPA is 4.8.

“I am hardworking and extremely involved in my community. Moreover I work hard and am dedicated to my school work and other activities,” wrote Treffer, “I take on the challenge of doing everything I do to the best of my ability.”

Megan Kuefner has been in band, youth group, Sunday school, volunteer at the Majestic Theatre, Girl Scouts, Good News Club and church hand bells. Her GPA is 4.2.

“I try my hardest and get good grades,” Kuefner wrote, “I am a diligent student who wants to improve the world around her.”

Taeton Amos has in the past been involved in volunteering at the Majestic Theatre and power lifting. He is currently involved in marching band, pep band, tennis and a food pantry program. His GPA is 4.8.

“I am involved in a number of extracurricular activities that help both my school and community,” wrote Amos, “I love writing. I’ve helped to write a 300 page book and am currently working on another much longer book.”

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