Sen Deb Fischer office hours in Cozad

Josh Jelden, a member of Senator Fischer’s Kearney office, was in Cozad on Wednesday to meet with and listen to constituents concerns.

LEXINGTON — Communication between constituents and representatives has been key in representative democracies going all the way back to Rome. "Freedom is participation in power," Cicero said.

On Wednesday a staff member of Senator Deb Fischer was at the Wilson Public Library in Cozad to meet personally with citizens and provide assistance with federal paperwork.

Central Nebraska Constituent Services and Outreach Representative Josh Jelden from Fischer’s Kearney office met with people to discuss federal level issues.

Jelden said Fischer’s staff has been hosting meetings like these across the state and said it was an opportunity for constituents to visit about issues which were important to them. These issues and visits are then relayed back to Senator Fischer.

Some reoccurring issues which has been brought up often during these meetings were agriculture, trade and veterans issue, Jelden said.

Fischer spoke on the importance of the proposed United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, USMCA, on the floor of the Senate in October

"Nebraska’s farmers have endured some of the most challenging setbacks in recent memory," said Fischer, "there is one solution that Nebraska’s farmers, ranchers, ag producers, manufacturers, and hardworking men and women have made clear that they need – and that’s the passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement."

"Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers have maintained patience in these tough times – they deserve to know without a doubt that they will continue to have access to their two largest markets and closest trading partners," Fischer continued, "It’s time to push the USMCA over the finish line."

Nebraska beef finds good export markets in Japan and after a new trade agreement was signed with the island nation, Fischer said, ""This agreement between the U.S. and Japan is a victory for Nebraska’s farmers, ranchers, and ethanol producers. By securing reduced tariffs on a variety of exports like beef, pork and ethanol, this agreement expands markets for Nebraska’s great ag products."

Fischer’s attention has not just been on rural America but the United States standing in the world as a whole.

After President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Northern Syria, she said, "I am increasingly concerned by the situation on the ground in Syria. The Kurds have been some of our strongest partners in the fight against ISIS, and the U.S. departure will leave a vacuum in the region which benefits Russia, Iran, and the Assad regime. Turkey’s actions have put the fight against radical extremism at risk, and have given ISIS and Al Qaeda an opportunity to regroup and grow. The national security interests of the United States require continued commitment to the mission in Syria, and now is not the time to disengage in the face of Turkey’s reckless incursion."

Fischer’s Kearney office is located at 20 West 23rd St., Kearney, Ne and Jelden can be reached at 308-234-2361 or

Fischer’s Washington D.C. office is located at 454 Russell Senate Office Building, (202) 224-6551.

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