OMAHA, Neb. - Law enforcement reports provided new details of a police officer's fatal shooting of a South Omaha gunman last spring as a Douglas County grand jury Wednesday concluded its investigation of the case.

The grand jury found no wrongdoing on the part of Officer Coral Walker, who shot and killed a gunman who had killed two people and wounded two others. It also found no wrongdoing in six other deaths of people who were in law enforcement custody or being apprehended.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said he couldn't disclose the discussions of the grand jury, which meets in secret.

But authorities' accounts indicate that Walker acted quickly after two witnesses flagged him down June 15 and pointed out the gunman.

Walker was driving on F Street as 911 dispatchers aired broadcasts about a man indiscriminately shooting people. Two people hollered at him that someone had been shot.

Walker pulled up near the gunman on Dahlman Avenue and ordered him to stop and drop his gun. Instead, Jorge Abraham Zarazua-Rubio, 25, turned around and pointed the gun at Walker.

Zarazua-Rubio opened fire, and Walker began shooting from his cruiser.

Investigators determined that Zarazua-Rubio, who was in the country illegally, had fired a handful of shots. Two bullets hit Walker's cruiser.

Walker fired more than 10 times, killing the man. An autopsy concluded that Zarazua-Rubio had been strung out on toxic amounts of methamphetamine.

Zarazua-Rubio killed bystanders Pascual Bautista-Raymundo and Anthony Vazzano, both 25. He wounded Aaron Anderson, 31, and Angel Cabrera, 46.

The grand jury also found no wrongdoing on the part of an Omaha undercover police officer who shot at a car carrying two people on March 8. Jason Welch, 34, died after the SUV he was riding in rammed several police cars in the parking lot of the Walgreens at 51st and Center Streets.

Gun drawn, an undercover officer was standing in the opening of his driver's side door -- ordering Welch and the driver, Jennifer Lovings, to stop. They continued ramming the car, the passenger side of the SUV closing in on the officer.

As the SUV with the pair crashed into the police vehicle, Welch reached down to the floorboard. Just a few feet away and fearing that Welch was reaching for a gun, the undercover officer opened fire. Two shots hit Welch -- one in the back of the head and one in the back of a shoulder.

Lovings continued driving and abandoned the car several blocks away, leaving Welch behind, according to police reports. No gun was found inside. Along the way, Lovings tossed $7,000 in cash from the vehicle.

The undercover officer, a 10-year veteran, had never before fired his gun on duty.

The other cases:

The Jan. 1 shooting death of Tyree Bell.

The 31-year-old was mentally ill and suicidal when police confronted him during a domestic disturbance. Bell held up his 3-year-old son as a shield and later pointed two weapons at officers. Four officers fired at Bell, who died at Creighton University Medical Center.

The Dec. 29 death of Jonathan Lewis, who died of a heart attack under supervised care at Lasting Hope Recovery Center.

The Feb. 15 death of Robert C. Willis, who was suspected of firing shots near 33rd and Ernst Streets. Willis, 31, refused a police officer's commands to drop the weapon and then fatally shot himself.

The Feb. 28 death of Justin B. Hogan, who hanged himself in jail.

The June 30 death of David Richardson. Omaha police were called to 18th and Harney Streets about 3 a.m. on a report of a disoriented man writhing on the ground. Richardson, 25, was handcuffed and taken to a hospital, where he later died.

Autopsy results indicated that Richardson, who had cocaine in his system, died of drug toxicity.

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