LEXINGTON — The Red Cross has opened a shelter at Lexington High School and aim to provide short term care to those who are in the greatest need following the flooding on Monday.

Red Cross Community Lead Vicki Halligan, of Cozad, said their facility provides people with a place to sleep, they provide cots, pillows and sheets. They also offer breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks and drinks throughout the day. Baby items were provided by Health and Human Services she said.

The schools showers are also open to people who need it. Halligan said Lexington High School provides a great facility for people. She said for those with other concerns they can contact Health and Human Services.

Halligan said the Red Cross is not a government agency, and their organization is only concerned about people’s safety. People do need to register and check in and out while they are utilizing the Red Cross services, she said.

Halligan did stress they are here for immediate care, for two to three days and not long term care, such as a week. They also want to provide services to those who are in the greatest need.

An estimated 150 have utilized the Red Cross services since they opened Monday, Halligan said. Not everyone stayed the night, but many got showers, had a meal or got referrals for other services. There were around 15 clients who spent the Monday night in the shelter, Halligan said.

The Red Cross provided services for 23 individuals, 20 adults and three children, after their apartment building at 1503 N. Erie St. was flooded Monday evening.

Red Cross shelters when opened must be for 24 hours, Halligan said that point had expired on by Tuesday morning. She said she wasn’t sure how long the shelter would be opened, as it is dependent on volunteers and the need in the area. They would be providing other services as the flood recovery goes on, such as clean up kits for people’s homes.

For more information about the Red Cross visit www.redcross.org.

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