Randy Adams retiring after 34 years in law enforcement

Sheriff Ken Moody, left, presented a plaque to Randy Adams, right, for his 34 years of service.

LEXINGTON — Since 1985 Randy Adams has worked in law enforcement agencies throughout the area. Now Adams is retiring from the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office with 34 combined years of experience in law enforcement.

Adams’ career in service began in the U.S. Navy. After his time in the service, he entered law enforcement as a patrol officer with the Lexington Police Department in August 1985.

“I wanted to help the community,” Adams said about going into law enforcement, “I wanted to make a difference.”

After spending time as a city police officer, Adams joined the Gosper County Sheriff’s Office and later, the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office.

In Dawson County, Adams spent the first four years as a deputy, he became an investigator, which he spent 11 years doing.

In 2002 Adams left the sheriff’s office and joined the Cozad Police Department where he started as a sergeant. In 2011 Chief Mark Montgomery left the Cozad Police, and Adams succeeded him in the position.

After several years a chief, the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office was in need of an investigator and Adams rejoined the sheriff’s office to become an investigator once again.

Adams described investigation as his passion, over the years he had handled everything from drugs to violent crime. “I enjoyed it so much I wanted to get back into it,” he said about his decision.

There are several cases which were memorable to Adams, he has assisted with three homicides over the years as well as multiple drug deals.

Yet the aspect of law enforcement which has impacted Adams the most is the people he became friends with along the way.

“The friends I’ve developed,” he said, “I prize that more than anything else.”

Adams will retire this year from the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office with 15 total years with the agency. He was honored at a retirement party at the Dawson County Annex Building on Wednesday, Sept. 30.

Sheriff Ken Moody presented Adams a plaque which read, “Thank you for 34 years of dedication and commitment to law enforcement in Dawson County.”

“Randy has been an asset to our office,” Sheriff Moody said, “I am pleased he was a part of the team. I hate to see him go but I wish him the best, he has been a good employee.”

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