Plum Creek Medical Group

Plum Creek Medical Group provides a wide range of services to ensure quality healthcare for their patients. They offer mental health and substance abuse resources in the clinic for the comfort of their patients.

LEXINGTON — The ebb and flow of healthcare is ever shifting but Plum Creek Medical Group of Lexington prides itself on being able to meet the ever changing needs of patients and providing quality care from infancy to adulthood and beyond.

The practice which became Plum Creek Medical Group started in 1884 with Dr. Frank Rosenberg. The practice continued throughout the years, eventually being organized by Dr. P. Bryant Olsson in the early 1940s into Plum Creek Medical Group, PCMG, and it has continued to serve the area since.

Today, PCMG is proud to provide total healthcare needs for its patient’s right in the clinic located at 1103 Buffalo Bend Lexington. They also feature another clinic in Eustis, at 106 E. Railroad St. A majority of patients needs can be met without ever having to leave the clinic.

There are three doctors who are a part of PCMG, Dr. John Ford, Dr. Ed Ford and Dr. Gregory Kloch.

There are also four certified physician assistants, Jennifer Hunke, Melissa Hall, Brittanie Dannehl and Adam Dannehl.

Jason Dillard is the clinic’s provisionally licensed mental health practitioner and provisional licensed alcohol and drug counselor. Dillard joined PCMG in June 2017 after earning his bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and getting his master of science in education from UNK.

These licenses allow Dillard to work with a wide range of mental health and substance related concerns within the community. He has also received his behavior therapy training to work with children and adolescents. His primary forms of counseling include cognitive behavior therapy, solution focused grief therapy, behavioral therapy and child-parent psycho therapy.

Jason works in concert with the county and district probation offices in Lexington where he completes co-occurring and substance abuse evaluations in addition to outpatient counseling.

For some, arranging mental health counseling outside of their normal providers can be intimidating. PCMG offers patients the option of seeing Dillard inside the clinic, making the process more comfortable for the patient.

With mental health services increasing in demand, PCMG is able to offer these services through Dillard to their patients.

In addition the clinic also offers a wide variety of other services. Physicals are a common service needed, especially as the school year begins.

PCMG offers wellness physicals, well child checks, immigration, Department of Transportation required physicals, flight, school, sport and employment.

Outside of physicals, services include preventive care, illness, injury and disease management. In particular they provide treatment of acute illness, chronic health management, mental and behavioral health counseling, immunizations, birth control counseling, worker’s compensation, green card paperwork, lesion removals, toenail removals, vasectomies, laceration repairs, among others.

PCMG also offers access to specialists who routinely visit the clinic.

Dr. Jonathan Fuller is an orthopedic spine specialist from Omaha who visits once a month. Dr. Thomas Lanspa is a cardiologist also from Omaha who visits every third Friday of the month. Dr. Kunle Tosin is an interventional cardiologist from Kearney and is at the clinic on every first Tuesday of the month.

Understanding patients in their own language is key to PCMG and they serve patients with two bilingual receptionists, two bilingual nurses, two Spanish interpreters and one Somali interpreter.

Insurance claims are filed by the clinic and they hold contracts with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Midlands Choice, Medicare, Medicaid and United Healthcare.

When calling for appointments, the clinic uses an automated phone system to handle the high volume of calls received each day. Give the receptionist as much information as possible when scheduling an appointment so the staff can allow the proper amount of time for your visit.

When possible, patients should place calls themselves to ensure the staff provides the best healthcare possible. If patients choose to speak with a nurse regarding a medical question or issue, allow time to consult a doctor prior to returning your call. If a nurse is unavailable, please leave a message. A doctor will return your call when available, typically later in the day.

The clinic needs a copy of patient’s current insurance card on file in order to process insurance claims efficiently. Patients should bring their insurance card for every healthcare visit. The clinic files claims with a variety of healthcare insurance companies that aid in the payment of patients’ medical costs.

The PCMG Lexington clinic is open Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The phone number is 308-324-6386, the after hour number is 308-746-6065.

The Eustis Clinic is open Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The number it can be reached at is 308-486-5440.

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