Planning Commission appoints officers for 2020

Left to right: Jared Jacob, Barb Margritz, Kristi Moyer, Sadie Worthing, Jeremy Kaiser, Cameron Smith, Nic Van Cura, Ellie Quintero, Assistant City Manager Dennis Burnside and Curtis Roemmich.

LEXINGTON — New members were recognized and officers were reappointed to their positions for the year of 2020.

The Lexington Planning Commission met on Wednesday, Jan. 8 for recognition of appointed members and the election of officers.

For those unaware, a planning commission is a government board charged with recommending to the city council the boundaries of the various zoning districts and appropriate regulations to be enforced as well as hearing proposed amendments.

The planning commission makes recommendations on proposals which are then passed on to the city council for final approval. The commission can recommend approval, denial or no recommendation at all.

Nic Van Cura was welcomed as a newly appointed member to the commission.

Officers who had held posts in 2019 maintained the same after the election for 2020. They were as follows,

Chairperson: Sadie Worthing

Vice-Chairperson: Cameron Smith

Board of Adjustments Representative: Cameron Smith

Secretary: Pam Baruth

The Planning Commission is made up of nine members, Sadie Worthing, Cameron Smith, Nic Van Cura, Ellie Quintero, Jeremy Kaiser, Curtis Roemmich, Barb Margritz, Jared Jacob and Kristi Moyer.

During the roundtable discussion City Manager Joe Pepplitsch said items which would be coming the commission’s way included the incorporation of the 24 acres the city is purchasing on the northeast side of town as well as potential permits in the downtown area, for cell towers and housing projects.

“It should be an active year,” he said.

Pepplitsch also said the 2020 Census is approaching and once the preliminary data is in, the city will use it to adjust their comprehensive plan.

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