LEXINGTON — Orscheln Farm and Home is currently building a brand new location in Lexington which will feature a standardized format and will be 10,000 square foot larger than their current location.

Real estate manager for Orscheln, Nick Orscheln, said the company has been at their current location since 2002 with 28,000 square feet of store space. Recently the decision was made to build a new facility, which will be located south of the Dawson County Opportunity Center on Plum Creek Parkway.

“We felt we could get more bang for our buck with a new facility,” Orscheln said.

The new store location will look much different than their current location, said Orscheln. The current building had been a pervious acquisition, but when Orschlen Farm and Home builds new facilities they make them more standardized.

The facility will grow to 38,000 square feet with 18,000 square feet of outdoor display space, Orscheln said. With the expansion will come expanded retail sections, one area which will be growing is the apparel section.

Orscheln said the business may be better known for their farm and ranch supplies, but they carry a significant amount of clothing and this will be reflected in the new location.

Another area which will be expanded is their sporting goods. Orscheln said their current location has a modest section for these items but the new location will feature more deer feed, fishing equipment, animal feed, deer stands, minor camping supplies, etc.

Orscheln noted due to the expanded retail space, the location will be adding more full-time and part-time employees. He said they will have more solid numbers the closer they get to opening.

A grand opening for the new location is being planned for August 2020, a soft opening will be held before the main event. Orschlen noted if construction is finished sooner, they will open sooner, but said this is the usual amount of time it takes to build a new location.

“We are excited about the project,” Orschlen said, “Lexington is an area we have been underserving and we are excited to show what we can provide with our new location.”

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