Stories of domestic violence are commonplace in the United States, Nebraska and even in Dawson and Gosper Counties. Far too often, we read about men who shoot their wives or girlfriends and then turn the gun on themselves. We hear about children who witness abuse in the home and, in some cases, are also abused themselves. Try to imagine your home and family, the very source of your sense of security, belonging and love, as the root of terror and fear for your life; this is an unfortunate reality for far too many people. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, an observance designed to heighten awareness about the devastating impact domestic violence has on our society.


            In 2018, Parent-Child Center provided services to 226 victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, stalking, human trafficking and other related crimes.  This includes:

  • 138 adults and 38 children were provided services
  • 30 adults and 35 children resided in emergency shelter
  • 3,452 shelter beds were slept in
  • 16,760 shelter meals and snacks were served
  • Shelter was occupied for 365 days (100% of the year)

As citizens, we can and should become involved in stopping the cycle of violence in our communities. All it takes is one person to help a victim. It is important to realize that domestic violence cuts across all socioeconomic levels and it affects all our communities. If you need assistance or if you suspect a friend or loved one is involved in an abusive relationship, please contact us on one of our 24-hour crisis lines at 308-324-3040 or 1-800-215-3040 or for Spanish 308-324-1942 or 1-866-351-9594.

Many events are planned to commemorate Domestic Violence Month including “Paint the Town Purple”, “Walk in Our Shoes” and “Trunk or Treat”. Please visit our Facebook page or website for further details. Parent-Child Center is also seeking caring and compassionate volunteers to help serve on the English and Spanish Crisis Lines. If you are interested or would like more information, please call Melanie or Melissa at 324-2336 or stop by our office.

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