New USDA trapper introduced to county commissioners

Daniel Penner is a new trapper with USDA who will work in both Dawson and Lincoln Counties.

LEXINGTON — U.S. Department of Agriculture for Wildlife Services district supervisor Jerry Feist made another visit to the Dawson County Commissioners to introduce their new trapper Daniel Penner.

Penner will carry out wildlife management work for USDA in both Dawson and Lincoln County, he officially started in March, Feist said.

The largest number of calls Penner said he has been receiving recently has to do with badgers digging up people’s flower beds and corn fields. He said beavers this time of year are less of a nuisance as they start eating more grass. Pigeons have been a nuisance problem in Lincoln County he said.

When asked what services USDA provides inside city limits, Feist said Wildlife Services will remove the odd skunk from under a home or raccoon from a wall, but major projects such as a mass removing of pigeons is left up to the individual municipalities.

The USDA Wildlife Services responds to issues related to public safety, sanitation and predator concerns in both urban and agricultural settings. Feist said at an earlier meeting. Their office for the Dawson County area is based out of North Platte.

During committee reports Commissioner Butch Hagan said the races at Dawson County Raceway have been well attended, he said he was surprised how many were at Sunday’s race despite the heat.

The commissioners also noted work on the county roads is progressing but some roads have soft shoulders motorists should be aware of. They said these roads are getting worked on and their conditions are improving.

During the board of equalization meeting Assessor John Moore said there are maybe 50 board value change notices left to complete. The commissioners approved the notices from June 20 to June 28.

One tax correction was brought forward by Moore, he said a property owned by Uebele Farm was double taxed, one of the lots belongs to another entity. The correction was approved.

In other news the commissioners:

-Received claims and treasurer’s receipts.

-Held a jail inspection.

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