New LPS teachers welcomed to the community

The 33 teachers welcomed to Lexington Public Schools during the welcome luncheon on Monday included: front row, left to right, Jimmy Torres-Moreno, Megan Torres-Moreno, Aaron Peterson, Kathryn Peterson, Connie Rocker, Ashley Saulsbury, Cecilia Perales, April Headley, Babe Rogers. Second row: Karen Marsh, Nicole Stewart, Taylor Rieper, Abby Krysl, Danica Liess, Gabrielle Nickel, Colby Smith, Lori Shutts, Morgan Simpson. Third row: Gordon Clinard, Kelly Buck, Julie Neher, Cecilia Nunez, Abygayl Holloway, Angela Blankenship, Kendra Meyers, Tiffany Foster. Last row: Cynthia Crick, Traci Wall, Jerry Buck, Jason Sullivan, Christian Bradley, Joshua Holden.

LEXINGTON — It’s an annual tradition in Lexington to welcome those new teachers who have joined Lexington Public Schools and will be shortly starting a new school year. The Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce sponsors it, and the local businesses support the new teacher luncheon.

There were 33 teachers who were welcomed to Lexington, they were a mix of brand new teachers, former Lexington educators and more than one Lexington High School graduate.

There were introductions by Business Education Committee member Tish Doughty, business gift donations presented by LCOC assistant Cynthia Boyd and business sponsors were announced by LCOC Executive Director Sarah Neben.

The new teachers were introduced by the administrators of each individual school.

There were 29 area businesses who contributed and supported the Luncheon.

Neben said, “Some of our kids don’t have it easy at home, if they have one teacher who believes in them, it means everything to them. Good luck next Wednesday when school starts.”

“We had a wonderful time at the New Teacher Luncheon on Aug. 5. We welcomed 33 new staff members to the Lexington Public School system. We are so thankful for the amazing generosity of our local businesses who donate not only sponsorships for the luncheon, but also many items for the wonderful gift bags that we are able to give to all the new staff members,” Neben said in an email, “Our local businesses are great supporters of the school system and our students, and we can’t thank them enough for all that they do in Lexington.”

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