Meet Lexington’s latest in-home daycare provider

Adrianne Roemmich is latest and perhaps youngest in-home daycare provider in Lexington.

LEXINGTON — A love for children and the child care needs in Lexington is what inspired Adrianne Roemmich to open a daycare inside her home.

Roemmich is originally from Holdrege and graduated from Holdrege High School. She came to Lexington with her now husband Austin Roemmich, the couple were married in May this year.

Since the age of 16, Roemmich worked in an elderly care home, “now I am working on the other end,” she said regarding the switch from caring for seniors to caring for children.

When asked what inspired her to open a daycare, she said she has always loved children and realized how big of a need there was for child care in Lexington. She became licensed officially on Aug. 12.

Roemmich noted, she may be the youngest daycare provider in the community, she turns 26 next month. Many of the other in-home providers are nearing an age where they may soon retire from the business, adding to the lack of options for care in the community.

She also said she wants to be able to stay home with her own children, when they choose to start a family. Good daycare is hard to find, Roemmich added.

When Roemmich opened her doors earlier this month, all of her spaces were already spoken for, she said she wasn’t even licensed and people were already asking her about a spot for their children, information was spread by word of mouth.

Roemmich is licensed to care for up to 12 children, a provisional family child care home II, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, but will only take on eight while she is the sole caregiver in the home. She does plan to bring on more part-time helpers and with enough help, could add up to 12 children.

When asked about the most important aspect of child care, Roemmich said patience is key, adding the ability to multitask is also important. She said some days are better than others, but added she got lucky with a great group of children and babies. The children can be her biggest helpers, she said if she asks for a diaper, someone usually handing her one not long after.

Roemmich’s daycare is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Her age range she takes on is six weeks to 13-years-old.

A challenge she faces is the amount of space in her home, Roemmich said. With several children running around, she said if she has children of her own, she may have to move to a larger home.

Yet Roemmich is excited to be in the daycare business, she is eager to meet all the different children and see them grow up under her care.

When asked about the licensing process, Roemmich said it was, “very easy.” The biggest thing was hooking up their smoke detectors to fire marshal standards. She also said DHHS Child Care Inspection Specialist Shonna Werth was great to work with.

“Just do it,” was Roemmich’s advice to anyone who was debating opening their own in-home daycare. She said child care is badly needed in Lexington, especially with many people possibly retiring soon from the business.

With Roemmich’s daycare opening there are now 16 child care providers who will take on children six weeks old. Maximum capacity for child care in Lexington is up to 223. There are around 993 children in Lexington under the age of five, roughly 700 will lack access if they required it.

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