LVFD continues partnership with Priority Medical, adds charge for all lift assists, non-transport calls

Lexington Volunteer Fire Department has continued their partnership with Priority Medical Transport, which helps split up the rescue calls between the two different agencies, it was started in February 2019.

LEXINGTON — The Lexington Volunteer Fire Department has proudly served the emergency medical needs of the community of Lexington and the Lexington Rural Fire District for over 128 years.

We take great pride in this service and our goal is to provide the best quality emergency medical services possible.

As our community grows, the need for emergency services increases as well. In the past several years we have experienced a steady increase in the calls for medical service coupled with a decrease in volunteers.

This growth has resulted in an increased commitment for our volunteers, their families and their employers. In the interests of maintain quality and timely services, we have asked for help.

We entered into an agreement with Priority Medical Transport to cooperatively share the responsibility of 911 medical service requests on Feb. 1, 2019.

Priority Medical has been actively providing inter-facility medical transport in our area for some time and at our request they have agreed to begin assisting our department with 911 emergency requests.

The result of this agreement simply means when you call 911 for medical assistance you may see the LVFD respond or you may see Priority Medical respond, and in some cases both entities will respond.

Our intent with this agreement is to provide the public with the best and most timely emergency care available. Billing rates for these services will be equal regardless of which department responds. We have signed an addendum that adds a charge for all lift assists and non-transport calls.

The Lexington Volunteer Fire Department will continue to service all requests for emergency fire services.

The Lexington Volunteer Fire Department exists to serve our community in times of emergency. We are honored to be able to provide these services and we feel very fortunate to have a community that supports us. The LVFD intends to continue to providing the community with emergency services for the years to come. We thank you for support and understanding.

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