Single family dwelling permit approved for former Box Bar location

LEXINGTON — A new child care center may be coming to Lexington. Precious Angel Daycare in Broken Bow is interested in expanding and opening a center in Lexington. The planning commission approved their permit.

Mary Shaw is the operator of Precious Angel Daycare, which runs two daycare centers in Broken Bow, one for infants, which cares for eight to ten children and a second center, which serves 40 children from 30 different families, said Precious Angels Daycare provider Sara Arnold.

Arnold is part of the ownership group, said Development Services Director Bill Brecks, and she will be in charge of the center, if and when it is approved.

Earlier, Arnold told the Clipper-Herald it has been Shaw’s dream to expand her child care centers and knows the need for child care in Lexington is great.

The location in question is the home at 1215 N. Harrison St., at the corner of Harrison and 13th St. Brecks said the sale of the home to Precious Angels Daycare is contingent upon the city’s approval of the permit.

For the size of the home, the city would allow 41 children, but the number allowed for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services will likely be lower, said Brecks.

The center must comply with DHHS regulations to be permitted by the city to operate. Arnold said the number of staff at the center will depend upon how many children DHHS allows them to care for.

Parking is not an issue with this location, as the property features a 100 foot paved driveway which can accommodate two rows of parking and they could accommodate load out parking on the street.

The planning commission forwarded the permit to the city council with their approval.

A second public hearing regarded a permit for a single family dwelling at the former Box Bar location, submitted by Naji Abdi.

Abdi had previously sought a permit for a multi-family dwelling with four apartments in October 2018, but was denied after the planning commission determined lack parking spaces and fire exits to be an issue.

He has since reworked the plan and now there will only be one apartment on the second floor, which his family will reside in and there will be a retail store on the main floor, Brecks said.

To solve the problem of fire escapes, a second set of stairs will be built inside the south side of the building, adding a second door at the street to access it.

With only one apartment, the location now has enough parking, with credit given for the three parking stalls outside of the building currently, said Brecks.

When asked about additional parking needed for the retail space, Brecks said only overnight locations need additional parking. He did note if Abdi decides to expand in the building, the need for additional parking will arise again.

Brecks said there had been no public comment about permit. The planning commission sent the permit to the city council, with their approval.

During a roundtable discussion, Brecks said a rezone and new subdivisions will be coming up for the March meeting.

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