Teresa Messersmith

LEXINGTON – After 30 years of special education experience as both a teacher and administrator, Teresa Messersmith jumped at the opportunity to work for Lexington Public Schools.

“It’s an opportunity to come into a district that is doing great things with kids and build on that,” Messersmith said about working for LPS and getting hired this summer as the Director of the Special Education Program at Lexington.

“I see challenges within the district but with those challenges comes the opportunity to help the district grow,” she said.

After working her way up from a special education teacher in Gothenburg, where Messersmith recently served as both an elementary school principal and director of special education, she said she has also taught special education students at ESU 10 at Kearney, Eustis-Farnam, Gothenburg and Arnold.

Although being an administrator involves lots of paper work, Messersmith said she was at heart, a people person and would always listen and consider the needs of her special education teachers and para-professionals as it relates to what is best for students.

“I strongly believe that a system is only as strong as a team,” Messersmith said. “I’ll continue to move forward as a strong special education team.”

She said she was a believer of LPS’s response to intervention guidelines, which looks at data to promote the use of research based intervention to help students learn and check for progression.

Messersmith said Lexington Public School’s abundance of diversity within its student body was a positive for students and teachers alike to learn alongside people from other cultures.

“Diversity gives us an opportunity that you can’t get anywhere else,” Messersmith said. “I embrace the opportunity to learn about other cultures.”

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