Lexington students embrace one million word reading challenge

LEXINGTON, Neb. – To some Lexington Middle School Students, the large, thick fiction books they carry around during the day serve not only to rake in massive Accelerated Reader points, but as act as passports to other worlds of literary existence.

Just how big reading is and the pull the AR reading program has at Lexington Middle School is demonstrated by a new one-million word reading challenge this year, which not only has had one or two students quality for the prestigious status of reading a million words – so far this semester more than 30 students have reached the reading goal.

So many students have reached the one million word reading mark that the wall display showing a picture of each student with some French fries that has joined the club is in need of more pictures and updating, said Erin Hanna, literacy coordinator at LMS.

“I’m so proud of them,” Hanna said about her thoughts on the students.

“I’m always really interested to read. I imagine what I read,” said Aisho Hussein, a LMS eighth grader, who is in second place for the total number of words read in the one million word readers list.

“I like to read science fiction. What I read depends on my mood,” said LMS Eighth Grader Fabian Moya, who is currently the top reader at the school, having read 2,807, 321 words so far.

Three top AR readers said they liked reading books that were part of a series or trilogy of books, such as the Beautiful Creatures series by Kami Garcia Margaret Stohl or the Twilight vampire series by Stephanie Meyer.

Asked if they had any ideas about what they might want to become when they grow older, some students said they had some ideas.

“I have thought about becoming a teacher, I like writing,” said Asha Abdiweli, an eighth grader at LMS, who is another member of the one million word reader group.

“I think I’d like to be a writer. I also think I’d like to be a code writer,” for computer coding, Moya said.

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