Lex Cheerleaders

LEXINGTON, Neb. – Besides having one of the bigger cheerleading squads in the area, Lexington High School cheerleaders also do pyramids cheer routines.

Pyramid cheers, where girls stand on top of other girls in a pyramid shape are a rarity; Gothenburg is the only other school where cheerleaders perform them.

Add in some tumbling cheer elements, three experienced captains and lots of younger cheerleaders and the future is bright for the Lexington cheer squad.

“We have a pretty new and young squad this year,” said Lexington cheer coach Elizabeth Roberts, who coaches the squad along with Sarah De La Torre. “We’re making sure we are accountable, that the girls support one another.”

The Lexington cheer squad participated in the NCA Cheer Camp in Lincoln this summer, where the team won the Team Herkie award for showing exemplary teamwork and team spirit.

Leading the squad of 15 cheerleaders this year will be three co-captains: Claudia Perales, Yesenia Prado and Stephanie Medina.

The cheer squad has smaller groups of cheerleaders within it that cheer together, with some going to away games to cheer for the Minutemen, while others will rotate travel for some games and get a rest for others to avoid burnout, Roberts said.

Lexington Cheerleaders will also be involved with helping with YMCA cheer lessons every Tuesday night, she said.

Perales said she was excited about a new year and would strive to be a role model as a captain during her final year.

“I have to enjoy every moment of it,” Perales said.

Perales said the cheerleading squad has progressed every year during her high school career and besides learning new techniques, the cheerleaders were also spicing up familiar cheer chants.

“We do stunts during the alligator cheer,” Perales said. “This will be the first year we ever do tumbling, we’ve been doing pyramids for the past three years.”

“We’re continuing to work on it,” Roberts said about the cheerleaders’ incorporation of pyramid and tumbling. This year will be more flashy and glittery.”

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