Letters to the Editor

A plea

To the Lexington Regional Health Center hospital district voting members:

The upcoming hospital board election weighs heavily on my heart for many reasons.  I have worked at Lexington Regional Health Center (LRHC) for the past five years. I could not be more grateful for the opportunity I have had; to work with the providers at LRHC who care deeply for their patients, colleagues who go above and beyond to do the right thing, and a hospital board and administration that is forward thinking and supportive. This innovation is required to meet the growing needs of a diverse community and region.

I am writing this as a plea to not stifle this growth.  At the most recent LRHC board meeting this past March, it is evident that a few individuals, including competing providers, are more concerned about overturning a respected administration and discrediting its employees rather than focusing on the health of the surrounding communities.  These communities deserve a GREAT hospital with the opportunity to choose quality healthcare services close to home. With these communities’ support, this is the direction we intend to travel.

It is not about which of the hospital’s employees can vote in the board election. It is about choosing candidates that can help lead the hospital on its journey to continue high quality healthcare for this community and surrounding area.

For those that are employed by the hospital, regardless of your ability to vote, you are more than a check mark on a political ballot.  You are an advocate for patients and community members in times of great need.  I do not have any interest in senseless rhetoric or negativity with entities that do not have the community’s best interest at heart.  What I do have is an interest in fulfilling the community’s needs and doing the best I can as a healthcare professional to work towards a brighter future.  Vote for a voice, vote for keeping your choice, and vote for continuing innovation and excellence for your local hospital, LRHC.


Errin M. Nelson, PT, DPT

Broken Bow

Change deperately needed on board

I attended the hospital board meeting and I heard the board spending money like water.

What Mr. Teetor said in his last paragraph on page seven of the LRHC article, “The great thing about the construction project is that we haven’t had to use any taxpayer’s money; LRHC hasn’t had to levy a tax to pay for this construction project, unlike surrounding community facilities.”

What Mr. Teetor fails to tell is the loans they made are for 40 years at 2 1/2 percent. Why were Dr. Weston’s questions not answered in this article a couple of months ago?

Our great-grandchildren will be paying for this loan.

I urge the voters to vote for Dr. Wayne Weston, Paul Homan and Dave Irwin in the upcoming election. We desperately need a change on the board!

Nola Reed


Restoring faith in humanity

If you've lost faith in humanity...DON'T! This will restore your faith!

Last week I was asked to pick up a Chihuahua who was needing a new forever home. When I agreed to foster her, I was offered food and supplies, "Whatever you need I will buy" said Kathy Feltes. I replied that cat stuff would really help because there are three cats expecting any day and I would like to get a room together so they could have their babies safely, without worry of food, shelter or harm.

Kathy simply replied send me a text and I will go to Orchelen’s then bring it to you. When Kathy went to Orscheln’s and was pushing her very full cart, the employees asked what she was buying all the food, toys, beds and litter boxes for. When she explained, they all wanted to help! Tom and Kathy Feltes of Plum Creek Motors donated $500 in food, toys, beds, litter boxes and litter for both cats and dogs and Orchelen’s Manager Renee Kassmeier, Justin Holub, Diana Hasselbring and Cass Geiger all contributed to the cause!

When Kathy opened the back of her Suburban it was loaded from floor to ceiling, even the back seat...all I could do was cry! My heart was so full of happiness and gratitude I could hardly speak.

So, the next time you feel sad when you're looking around at what's become of the world and humanity, just remember there are a lot of very kind, generous and loving people right here in Dawson County, Nebraska! Many, many Thanks to Tom and Kathy Feltes, Renee Kassmeier, Justin Holub, Diana Hasselbring and Cass Geiger.

Rosalie Mayfield, President

Paw Prints in DawsonCounty

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