Deb Fischer

LEXINGTON – With about two weeks to go before the election, State Sen. Deb Fischer, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate is once again hitting the campaign trail.

While visiting several Central Nebraska towns this week, Fischer met with the Lexington Clipper-Herald to talk about the issues and the final stretch of a hard fought campaign against her opponent former Democratic Sen. Bob Kerrey.

“I have a good record of working with democrats,” Fischer said from her days in the State Legislature, where she chaired the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee, and singled out tax reform and the farm bill as issues where both parties could work together to overcome the partisan gridlock in Congress.

When asked about what could be done to overcome the fiscal cliff in Washington, where lawmakers must come to a deficit reduction agreement after the election to avoid higher taxes and spending cuts next year, Fischer said she supported extending the tax cuts passed by former President George W. Bush that are set to expire at the year’s end.

“There’s lots of uncertainty with the fiscal cliff, I don’t support raising taxes on anyone,” Fischer said. “President Obama said two years ago that the economy was too fragile to raise taxes.”

Fischer’s lawsuit against her neighbors in Valentine for some disputed land 17 years ago was not what the voters wanted to hear about, Fischer said in response to the Kerrey campaign accusing her of not representing Nebraska values by suing her neighbors for land.

“I don’t think his ads represent Nebraska values, they’re ugly and untrue,” Fischer said noting that other neighbors of her’s in Valentine have come out to dispel the rumors against her and show their support.

“It was not a land grab, it was meant to clarify a land dispute,” Fischer said.

Fischer said she felt the Kerrey campaign was resorting to ugly attack ads against her as an act of desperation.

“It’s because he’s so far behind, he won’t talk about his record,” Fischer said emphasizing that she wouldn’t attack Kerrey personally.

To help grow the economy, Fischer said government spending needed to be cut and that conditions like reforming the tax code could help encourage small businesses to create more jobs.

An ardent critic against excessive government regulation, Fischer said she supported the repeal of Obamacare.

“It puts us in debt, it raises taxes, it steals $700 billion from Medicare, it’s not fair to seniors,” Fischer said listing some her dislikes about Obamacare.

Regarding term limits, Fischer said she was not in favor of Amendment 3, which would extend state senators’ term limits from two consecutive four year terms to three consecutive four year terms but she did admit that she would support term limits for members of Congress.

When asked about her thoughts on the last presidential debate last night, Fischer said she thought former Gov. Mitt Romney did a good job explaining his views and was very respectful of President Obama.

Fischer compared Vice President Joe Biden’s rude interruptions during his debate with Congressman Paul Ryan to Kerrey’s attacks on her, noting they were meant to distract voters from the issues.

“Nebraskans don’t like negative ads, people want to hear where you are on the issues,” Fischer said.

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