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The Lexington Community Foundation was granted back its exempt status after the commissioners rescinded their previous ruling.

LEXINGTON — The Dawson County commissioners made the decision to rescind a previous motion which denied the Lexington Community Foundation tax exempt status, after the organization was allowed to fully complete their application.

The decision was made during the Friday, June 19 board of equalization meeting, held before the regular commissioners meeting.

During an earlier meeting in June the commissioners had voted to deny the tax exemption for the Lexington Community Foundation, LCF, because the application form was not properly filled out.

Commissioner Bill Stewart was the lone dissenting vote, citing the LCF has been exempt since it was founded.

LCF Executive Director Jackie Berke said a portion of their application, one space inquiring about the use of their building, was not filled out. She said the LCF was allowed to complete the form in full and send it back to the county.

The commissioners voted unanimously to rescind their previous decision and granted exempt status to the LCF.

During the regular meeting, Melanie Gomez, director of the Parent Child Center appeared with an agency update and a budget request. The request from the center for the 2020-2021 fiscal year was $10,000.00.

The commissioners also voted to reappoint John Grinde to the Veteran’s Service Committee.

Another item up for consideration was the increasing of Dawson County employee health insurance premium cost. The commissioners ultimately voted to increase the cost for Employee +1 from $280 to $309 and family from $380 to $438.

Sheriff Ken Moody also appeared before the board to present the May crime report. During committee reports Commissioner Butch Hagan reported the landfill will be looking for a new executive member from the Cozad and Gothenburg area.

During the rest of the board of equalization meeting the commissioners approved tax corrections for parcels owned by Dennis Bockus, Black Hills Energy and Richard Klauz. They also approved board value change notices dated from June 1, 2020 to June 19, 2020 which are to be mailed out.

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