LEXINGTON — For the second year in a row the Bonneville Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution has made a donation to the Lexington Veteran Pavilion.

The intent to construct the Lexington Veterans Pavilion was announced in May 2019.

The idea of a memorial honoring military members was born out of local Vietnam veteran Jim Bliven asking the City of Lexington to name some streets after local veterans.

This idea grew into a full pavilion to be located at Kirkpatrick Memorial Park, which would not only be a memorial to veterans, but also an outdoor performance site with a covered amphitheater.

Veterans will be honored with an educational walk surrounding the pavilion, each of the five military service branches will have their own monument with a statue. Each will feature a QR code for visitors, especially the younger generation, to access information and facts about each service branch on their smartphones, according to Veterans Pavilion information.

It will be located on the eight acres of the park, west of the Dawson County Historical Museum and the recently renovated fishing pond.

Groundbreaking on the project will depend upon the funding for the project. Initial thoughts were the pavilion could be open to the public by the summer of 2022.

Bonneville chapter member Marge Bader said in 2019 they donated towards the flag, flagpole and lighting for the Lexington Veteran’s Pavilion.

This year, the chapter challenged other service groups to donate to the project, Bader said, the Bonneville Chapter gave $1,650.00 toward the project on Friday, June 12 at the location where the pavilion will be built.

The Bonneville Chapter supports the city, the mayor, and the Veterans Service Office, and other groups who are working to establish this special feature in Lexington,” Bader said, “ We love the venue. We are so excited to see these eight acres in the city of Lexington become so valuable to the entertainment, education, and patriotism.”

“We hope that this facility can be used every day in a positive way and also be a tribute to the veterans,” said Bader, “We want to have children become aware of the sacrifices of our veterans, in fact, we want all Lexington residents to gain an appreciation of our country and understand how we have to work together to protect our country and maintain our freedoms.”

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