Lexington School Board approves COVID-19 pandemic action plan

LEXINGTON — The Lexington school board held a special meeting to approve the district’s COVID-19 pandemic action plan, which included waiving certain medical documentation for students, additional paid sick leave and granting the superintendent authority to pay claims and handle certain issues in light of the pandemic.

In assistance to families, the board made a temporary amendment to the chronic absenteeism policy.

Superintendent John Hakonson said in the event of school reopening, to reduce hardships on families, parents would not be required to provide documentation from a medical health provider in the event a child is sick.

The district would approve a parent verification instead and the illness related absence won’t count toward the 20-day chronic absenteeism limit.

The move ways made to help families and to avoid overwhelming local health care providers in light of the potential community spread of COVID-19.

The board also approved an addendum to a negotiated agreement concerning sick leave for all employees, whether they were covered by the negotiated agreement or not.

The agreement states no employee shall be charged or docked with use of sick days during this term, this sick leave would take effect if school is resumed.

In light of the ever evolving situation surrounding the pandemic, the board authorized the superintendent, in consultation with the board president, the ability to pay claims and to handle other pressing issues until the board is able to meet and approve them. Hakonson would also be able to handle staff issues during the COVID-19 emergency.

Following up on old business, the board approved the total package increase of 2.81 percent for Hakonson as the superintendent and extended his contract to include the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years.

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