Lexington Rotary Club donates $1,000 to Dawson County Children’s Museum

Rotary president Kirsten Faessler presents a $1,000 check to Dawson County Children’s Museum board president Pat Longly during the Rotary meeting.

LEXINGTON — Pat Longly was genuinely surprised when she learned the Lexington Rotary Club had decided to award the Dawson County Children’s Museum with their $1,000 grant this year.

The money was being donated to the Dawson County Children’s Museum which opened at their first physical location in early September after nearly a decade of work to make it happen.

Longly, the museum’s board president, thanked the Rotary Club for their generosity and for choosing the children’s museum as the recipient.

During the museum’s open house on Sept. 5, during a two hour period, 173 people checked in, and the actual number of attendees is likely higher, Longly said. Families from all over the county, even some from outside have visited the museum on Washington St.

The museum is also looking for donations of people’s money, time and items. The staff is currently all volunteers. Admission is $4 to ensure the museum is economically sound.

The Lexington Rotary Club presents grant donations to local organizations every year.

The Rotary Club itself is a worldwide organization of 1.2 million people with 35,000 plus clubs which work together to promote, peace, fight disease, provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene, support education, grow local economies, etc.

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