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LEXINGTON — Lexington will maintain its economic development program for the next decade according to the results of the special election. The Lexington City Council heard the results officially during their meeting Tuesday.

City Manager Joe Pepplitsch said the measure passed by a three to one margin. This program will enable Lexington to continue to draw from sales tax revenue in order to fund economic development throughout the community. The new program will run from 2020 to 2030. The council approved the election certification.

The Citizen Advisory Review Committee, a group of non-elected people which oversee how the economic development fund is being used, presented a report during the meeting.

Pepplitsch said the committee met on May 21 and spoke about the program and it’s activity. In review the 2000-2010 program had a low amount of interest, as the program was just starting.

In the 2010 program so far sales tax proceeds received to date was around $90,000. The fund balance as of May 21, 2019 was $609,374.88.

Pepplitsch said the committee had no findings or recommendations for the council concerning the program. He added later in the meeting an ordinance for the 2020-2030 economic development program would be brought before the council in the next few months. "This way we can get it in place and out of the way," he said.

The council paid the final costs for the 2018 Kirkpatrick Memorial Lake Improvement Project to Leising Inc. There was one change order in the amount of $2,025.00 which was for additional bank shaping near the Dawson County Historical Museum and for more seeding and mulching, Pepplitsch said.

The final pay request from Leising Inc. totaled $93,640.52. Pepplitsch said everything had been approved by the contractors. "All in all we are to the point of seeding, if it stops raining," he said, "we recommend payment and approval." After council approval Pepplitsch said a ribbon cutting for the location is planned for late summer.

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