Lexington child care surveys are available in three languages, public encouraged to respond

LEXINGTON — The Lexington Child Care Planning Team has now made a survey about the child care needs in the community available in three languages, and feedback from the public is vital for the group to plan the next steps forward in addressing Lexington’s child care needs.

The gap between children in the community and available child care spaces is large. Child care capacity in Lexington is around 200 and there are roughly 993 children, which is a gap of 700.

In an effort to better understand the specific needs of families throughout the community relating to child care, the Child Care Planning team has put together two surveys, one for families and another for employers, to gather data on the issue and use it to formulate the next steps forward in solving the child care issue.

The surveys are in three languages, English, Spanish and Somali, the employer survey is in English. All four surveys can be accessed by QR codes or by going to the appropriate web link.

“We did all three primary languages in order to capture the best data we can from as many young families as we can in Lexington. The data will be collected and brought back to the Lexington Child Care Planning Group to develop goals addressing child care needs in Lexington,” said Nebraska Children and Families Foundation assistant vice president of early childhood programs Shonna Worth, said.

Worth, along with the group making up the Child Care Planning team, have been instrumental in assembling the surveys and having discussions about how to address the need here in Lexington.

“Once the needs have been identified, goals will be established and work will begin to address them. The work is supported by many community members at this time as well as Nebraska Children and Families Foundation Communities For Kids project,” Worth said.

Having a good representation of the community in the data is crucial so the needs of families are fully understood and can be taken into account when the next steps are taken.

The surveys will be available throughout November and the data will be collected at the end of the month to be reviewed by the planning team during their December meeting.

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