Lex Planning Commission recommends approval to rezone 206 W. 6th St.

LEXINGTON — The Lexington Planning Commission recommended approval for a property located at 206 W. 6th St. during their meeting on June 5.

Development Services Director Bill Brecks said an application was submitted by Nayeli A. Quintero-Samayoa for the property located on 6th St. The property would be changed from C-2 Commercial to R-3 Multi-Family Residential.

If the rezoning is approved the property will be changed into a duplex, not apartments, Brecks said. He said the city does not usually do spot zoning, but he didn’t feel like it was in this case as there are other multi-family zones in the area.

Brecks said the change was a straight forward one and no comment had been received from the public, “not even to ask what the sign was for.” He said he did not see any issues with this rezone.

The Planning Commission approved recommendation and forwarded it to the city council.

The commission also looked at a amendment to the Lexington City Code concerning final plat specification. The change did away with a requirement which made the county treasurer sign if there were no regular or special taxes due against a platted piece of land, Brecks said.

“It is an unnecessary step in our opinion,” said Brecks, “But we must bring it before you because it is a change to the zoning code.”

The commission approved the amendment. During the roundtable discussion Brecks said the next meeting would be moved to July 10 and there will be a conditional use permit brought up at the meeting.

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