Lex Community Development Agency approves purchase of modular housing unit

The location of the modular home, once it is delivered to Lexington, will be 1405 N. Fillmore St.

LEXINGTON — A new modular housing unit will be coming to North Fillmore St. in Lexington after the Community Development Agency approved the purchase from a division of Chief Industries during their meeting Monday evening.

With the City of Lexington in the process of acquiring 24 acres of land of the northeast side of town, including lots on North Fillmore St., the Community Development Agency is already looking to install a modular housing unit on the street where there is existing infrastructure.

City Manager Joe Pepplitsch said the purchase would be from BonnaVilla Homes, a division of Chief Industries, who also oversee Chief Ethanol, the operators of the ethanol plant in Lexington.

Chief Industries is interested in having more presence in the communities in which they operate., Pepplitsch said.

The modular housing unit would be located at 1405 N. Fillmore St. The square footage will be 1,721. Pepplitsch said it would be “easy enough to put a unit up,” citing the existing infrastructure on N. Fillmore.

In the future there could be 13 to 14 additional lots along an extended Fillmore, Pepplitsch mentioned the possibility of adding to 16th St. to meet this future intersection.

While BonnaVilla would construct the home, the city would be responsible for getting available infrastructure in place, along with building the foundation.

Pepplitsch said, “we want to get people into these modular homes so they can see what they are.”

The total cost of the home is $170,788.00, BonnaVilla requires a 10 percent deposit at the signing of the contract, which would be $17,079.00. The city would then have 120 days from the home leaving the factory to make the final payment, giving them a chance to sell the home before making the payment.

The estimated delivery of the home from the factory would be May 1, 2020, according to Bonnavilla, the city would have the foundation put down in April.

The CDA approved the purchase of the modular home.

There is a prospective buyer for the home which was built on 2305 Patriot Dr.

The CDA had approved construction of two homes on Patriot Dr., including the one at 2305, and toured them while they were under construction in August 2018.

The purchase price of the home was $317,000.00, with the closing date being not later than Feb. 28, 2020. Pepplitsch noted the purchase price was slightly under the initial asking price.

The buyers are listed as Brad and Sadie Worthing in the purchase agreement. The CDA approved authorization of the agreement.

The CDA also dully elected officers for 2020.

Gail Hall, who was absent during the meeting, was nominated as president, Cory Cetak was nominated as vice president and Pam Baruth was nominated as secretary.

During discussion at the end of the meeting Pepplitsch said at the next meeting the CDA would review floor plans for more housing units and decide where it should be built.

Chris Denker was also officially welcomed to the CDA board after transitioning from the Planning Commission.

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