Lakeview Acres residents voice concerns over nuisance at JL Marina

Aging boats, jet skis and other vehicles were the source of nuisance complaints during the meeting.

LEXINGTON — Around 10 residents of Johnson Lake’s Lakeview Acres attended the Dawson County Commissioners meeting on Wednesday, July 31 to voice their concerns about nuisances of JL Marina.

Dawson County Clerk Karla Zlatkovsky said the Lakeview residents expressed interest in having the site cleaned up. There are several disused boats, jet skis, cars and other vehicles just off Drive 14.

She said the commissioners were sympathetic to the residents’ concerns, but there wasn’t much they could do at the moment.

Chairman Bill Stewart said the commissioners were going to look into what could be done about the nuisance at the site. The JL Marina will be on the agenda again for the Aug. 16 meeting.

Stewart said he was going to speak with the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office, Zoning Administrator Pam Holbrook and the County Attorney Elizabeth Waterman to get the legal point of view about what action can be taken.

The location is owned by JL Marine, LLC, the repair garage and storage warehouse were built in 1978, according to the Dawson County GIS website.

Bob Commins, representing Johnson Lake Trails appeared before the commissioners with a request for a right of way easement for County Road 750 at Petition Bay Road.

Zlatkovsky said Commins had an addendum for the commissioners to sign, but this was the first time any of the commissioners had seen it. The discussion was tabled for the Aug. 16 meeting so Deputy County Attorney Jared Dean could be present to review the addendum.

Wild Horse Golf Club, located northwest of Gothenburg, was seeking a catering license from the county. Zlatkovsky said without a full catering license, a business must pay $40 and can only cater a limited number of times throughout the year. Now with the catering license, she said, they can cater an unlimited amount of times without the fee. The commissioners approved the license.

The commissioners approved the National Environmental Policy Act, NEPA , services for the scoping phase between Dawson County and Alfred Benesch & Company concerning improvements to the bridge on Road 754 south of Cozad.

During committee reports, Commissioner Dennis Rickertsen said currently no mosquitos trapped in Dawson County have tested positive for West Nile Virus.

In other news the commissioners,

Approved a communications agreement.

Entered into a 2019 fracture critical bridge inspection agreement between the county and state of Nebraska.

Listened to a budget request from the Dawson County Ag Society.

County Assessor John Moore presented the three year plan of assessment.

Approved Chairman Stewart to sign a reappraisal and maintenance agreement from Stanard Appraisal.

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