LakeShore Marina Bar and Grille up for online public auction in November

LakeShore Marina has closed its doors and is being sold by owners Kristyl and Scott Hanchera of Danbury. The auction will be online only and run from Nov. 8-14, per-auction offers are also being taken.

JOHNSON LAKE — A long time eating establishment at Johnson Lake will be up for an online only public auction this November.

LakeShore Marina Bar and Grille is being sold by its current owners, Kristyl and Scott Hanchera, of Danbury.

LakeShore was purchased by the Hancheras in 2012. The previous owner, Karen Finken, owned the business from 2000-2012, according to a Nebraska Rural Living article. The LakeShore Marina building itself was built in 1979.

The business officially closed its doors on Monday, Sept. 2.

The Hancheras were contacted for comment, but could not be reached.

United Country Real Estate is handling the auction. Marketing is being coordinated by United Real Estate Group Strategic Client Services.

United Real Estate Holdings Auction Services President Mike Jones said the Hancheras want to keep LakeShore in operation and are interested in selling to someone who will make the operation their own.

Jones said the Hancheras operate a large farming operation in Danbury and said it was hard to operate LakeShore from 70 miles away at times.

The auction website is being updated and Jones said in the next 10 days the bulk of the information will be on the website, include pictures, video and more information about how to sign up for the auction.

The auction is online only and can be accessed from Nov. 8-14. Pre-auction offers on the property are being accepted by the real estate agencies. United is working with John Cahill with Lake & Home Real Estate Agency, Jones said.

The restaurant isn’t the only item on the property up for sale, the entire lot including the boat ramp and a 1,578 square foot home with water access and a 1,200 square foot commercial building is also included in the auction.

The Marina restaurant is 6,000 square feet with a small convenience store located on the west side of the building. The dock and boat ramp are also a part of the property, the ramp is the main access point for many who boat on Johnson Lake.

More information can be found at

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