Kirkpatrick Memorial Park Lake open

LEXINGTON — The Kirkpatrick Memorial Park Lake is open to the public and the project is nearing completion.

Started last summer, the park was the focus of the City of Lexington’s other park improvements. Work included dredging, bank stabilization and improved access which includes sidewalks and handicap accessible fishing pads, according to the City of Lexington June newsletter.

The restoration work was aimed at improving the wildlife habitat and preventing future bank erosion, the bank near the Dawson County Historical Museum needed extra stabilization due to increased bank erosion.

If the public thinks the area looks devoid of trees, additional landscaping will be continuously added over the next couple of years. This will include grasses, shrubs, and trees.

Some of this work will take place in conjunction with the Veterans Pavilion which will be coming to the park by the summer of 2021. This will feature a covered amphitheater and several military stopping points. The facility will be similar to Kearney’s Yanney Park, said Lexington Mayor John Fagot. There will be a new paved driveway and parking, increasing access to the park.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will continue stocking the lake with fish twice a year, this is normally done during the spring and fall. There are fish currently in the lake and many Lexington residents have already been casting their reels from the new access points.

Funding for the project included grants from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, Nebraska Game and Parks, Dawson County and Central Platte Natural Resources District.

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