Keiser and Wolfinger win 4-H Livestock Judging contest

Jacie Wolfinger, Lexington; won the gold medal and purple ribbon in the junior division of the 4-H Livestock Judging contest. Bart Beattie, Sumner; won the silver medal and purple ribbon. Not pictured, but earning the bronze medal and purple ribbon was Mikah Oneill of Sumner.

LEXINGTON — Heath Keiser of Gothenburg and Jacie Wolfinger of Lexington earned gold medals and purple ribbons in the senior and junior divisions at the 2019 Dawson County 4-H Livestock Judging Contest held on May 24. The contest consisted of hog, sheep and cattle classes and oral reasons on those classes.

Rounding out the medals in the Senior contest were Helene Keiser of Gothenburg, silver medal, and Emma Peterson of Gothenburg, bronze medal. In the junior division, Bart Beattie of Sumner, received the silver medal and Mikah Oneill of Sumner received the bronze. All of the medals were provided by Monsanto.

Senior division ribbon awards included:

Purple - Heath Keiser, Gothenburg; Helene Keiser, Gothenburg; Emma Peterson, Gothenburg; and Greg Treffer, Cozad.

Blue – Savannah Peterson, Gothenburg; Mattison Beattie, Sumner; Sarah Treffer, Cozad; and Neligh Andersen, Gothenburg.

Red – Spencer Walahoski, Overton and Dani Claflin, Sumner.

Junior division ribbon awards included:

Purple – Jacie Wolfinger, Lexington; Bart Beattie, Sumner; and Mikah Oneill, Sumner.

Blue – Jaelin Wolfinger, Lexington; Isaac Oneill, Sumner; Preston Beattie, Sumner; and Parker Walahoski, Overton.

Red – Paige Walahoski, Overton.

Sumner Livestock 4-H Club won the junior team honors receiving a purple ribbon. The club name will be engraved on a plaque.

Tail Twisters 4-H Club won the senior team honors receiving a purple ribbon.

Livestock for this event consisted of hogs furnished by Beattie Farms in Sumner; sheep furnished by Todd Ibach of Sumner; one class of breeding heifers and one market steer class provided by K Farms of Gothenburg and an Angus bull class provided by the Treffer family of Cozad. The fairgrounds facilities were provided by the Dawson County Agricultural Society.

Dawson County Extension Educator Bruce Treffer organized the contest. Serving as contest officials were Casey Russman and Extension Educator Bruce Treffer. Also assisting with tabulation was Extension Assistant Educator Mike Wolff, Extension intern Darcy Stewart, and Shannon Peterson of Gothenburg.

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