Joseph Renderos

Overton native Joseph Renderos has recently joined the Lexington Police Department as a new officer and is currently completing his training to be fully certified.

LEXINGTON — There is a new face with the Lexington Police Department, Joseph Renderos is the latest police officer to join the force and is eager to be a part of the community.

Renderos and his parents, Juan and Martha Renderos are long time Overton residents. He graduated from Overton High School in 2011 and from there, perused higher education at Central Community College in Kearney.

Renderos said he originally went to CCC to get his general education classes taken care of. To make sure he met the requirements to be a full time student he was put into an intro to criminal justice class. He said he enjoyed the class and it was easy to follow, not long after that Renderos went to his advisor to change his major to criminal justice.

Before he graduated with his associates degree in criminal justice Renderos interned during his last semester at the Buffalo County Jail as a correctional officer.

After he graduated he began working at the jail formally and was responsible for booking people into the jail. Renderos said he enjoyed his time working there, especially his co-workers.

While there are many careers which can be perused with a criminal justice degree, Renderos said he wanted to be a police officer. “I want to help a community and be a positive role model,” he said.

Recently the Lexington Police Department began advertising for the position of police officer and he applied, hoping he could get the job. He said the interview process was, “nerve wracking,” but he was excited when he got word he had been chosen for the position.

“I would love to start my career here in Lexington,” Renderos said, “I was fortunate enough to get picked. I am very excited to start and glad I am here.”

When asked why become a police officer in Lexington, Renderos said it is close to home for him and he feels it is a great place to get his start. He is a Spanish speaker and felt like he could help the department with this. “It felt like a good fit,” he said of the community.

Renderos said he has started his initial training he has been learning the streets of Lexington and has been places in town he didn’t know existed. “Lexington is a lot bigger than I thought,” he said.

Part of his training includes attending a training camp in Grand Island and shadowing other Lexington officers. “I am learning the Lexington police way of doing things,” he said.

Renderos said he is focused on becoming an effective police officer, but said it will take time, like anything else. “I am putting the degree to use,” he said about learning on the job.

He is also focused on being a role model in the community. “I want to help out as much as I can,” he said. He is especially eager to help with any situations with a Spanish language barrier.

“I am excited to be a part of the community,” Renderos said, “I am lucky this job came up, it feels like things have fallen into place. I am ready to help however I can.”

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