LEXINGTON — A family of seven will be displaced for a time after a fire in their home on North Grant St. on Monday, Nov. 11.

At 12:07 p.m. the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to 1403 N. Grant St. after a fire was detected in the home.

Law enforcement, including the Lexington Police Department and the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office, on scene provided support and blocked off North Grant St. while the firefighters worked.

Engine 31 initially arrived on scene minutes after the call, followed by the pumper truck, Engine 32, a utility rig with trailer and one ambulance, Unit 99B. Fire Chief Dahlas Holbein said there were between 15-20 firefighters on scene.

Smoke was coming out of an area on the southern part of the house, firefighters got on the roof to inspect the area between the roof and ceiling.

On scene Rescue Chief Doug Glaze said there were some issues reaching the fire due to a double ceiling which was in place in the home. Holbein said later they had to create some damage to the lower roof to reach the area where the fire originated. He said the firefighters had an 18 inch space to work in.

Temperatures in the roof area were reaching between 250 and 300 degrees when the firefighters measured it with the thermal camera.

The firefighters decided to forego using the hose from the fire engine, but instead used water canisters to get the fire under control.

Holbein said the cause of the fire originated in electrical wiring in the ceiling space. The exact cause for the wiring catching fire was not clear, but the wires had appeared to have been smoldering for at least several days, Holbein said.

He added there was nothing suspicious about the cause of the fire itself and the investigation has been completed.

The firefighters had extinguished the fire after about an hour’s work and were headed back to the hall by 1:12 p.m.

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