COZAD — The Robert Henri Museum and Art Gallery is pleased to announce that it will be celebrating the life of one of America’s most important artists and art instructors with the Robert Henri

Arts Festival on June 22, 2019 from 10:00 am to 4:00 p.m. The museum is located on 218 East 8th Street, in Cozad, Nebraska.

The Arts Festival will feature a number of events including demonstrations by Mary Nagel Klein, the museum’s summer Artist in Residence, art and craft demonstrations, food, beer tasting provided by the Kinkaider Brewing Company (from Broken Bow, Nebraska), tours of the museum and gallery, all culminating with a rousing edition of Happy Birthday being sung and the cutting of a birthday cake honoring Henri’s 154 birthday at 3 pm. Vendors are welcome to contact the museum for information.

Robert Henri was born on June 24, 1865 in Cincinnati, Ohio to John and Theresa Cozad. An older brother, John A. Cozad, was born in 1862. Four years after Robert’s birth his father founded Cozaddale, Ohio, on the outskirts of Cincinnati. Robert was raised in both Cincinnati and Cozaddale and attended the Chickering Classical and Scientific Institute. The school, described as a Select School for Boys, was opened in 1855 and many of its graduates went on to became prominent businessmen and professionals. It was one of the largest schools of its kind in the country. Henri attended school during the year from 1875-1879 and then came out to Nebraska when school was let out. After 1881, when the family moved to Denver, Henri attended school there.

The Robert Henri Museum is located in the hotel that Robert Henri (Robert Henry Cozad), and his family lived in from 1879 until 1883. His father, John J. Cozad constructed the hotel to serve early settlers and travelers who arrived in Cozad as well as a family residence. Arriving in 1872, the senior Cozad lived in the town until 1882 when he shot a rancher in an altercation and immediately left the area. The rest of the family moved from Cozad the following year and all assumed new identities. Robert Henri was almost eighteen years old when he left Cozad and moved to Denver, then back East, ultimately residing in New York City.

The Robert Henri Museum and Art Gallery is a national treasure that is the result of the work of many volunteers, board members and professional staff who have toiled for more than thirty years. The site is now listed on the United States Department of Interior’s National Register of Historic Places.

The buildings are located at 218 East 8th Street in Cozad and are open from May1 to Sept. 30 on Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information call 308-784-4154 or visit the museum’s web page at

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