COZAD — The crowds showed up to the 2019 Cozad Hay Days, held over the weekend and saw participation from students, business, individuals and the like as the community celebrated together. The theme of the 2019 Hay Days was, "LEGO and Have Some Fun." Hay Days is organized and planned by the Cozad Jaycees.

The theme of the 2019 Hay Days was, "LEGO and Have Some Fun." Hay Days is organized and planned by the Cozad Jaycees.

Cozad Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Karmen Morse said the chamber helped out where they could and did a little bit of everything this year from promotion, to selling tickets and participating in the events.

Morse said the attendance at Hay Days events, especially the parade, was better than it had been in previous years. Several businesses hosted events and served food, several ran out of items due to the amount of people, "a good problem to have," Morse said.

There were numerous contests for students, businesses and the whole Cozad community to participate in during Hay Days.

Several businesses participated in the window decorating contest, these included Homestead Bank, Central Home Health, Double L Embroidery, Security First Bank, Cozad Chamber of Commerce, Arnold Insurance Agency, Daylight Donuts, Cozad Community Health Systems, Waypoint Bank and Cozad Services.

Participating businesses were able to vote on their favorite design and Central Home Health was the winner.

The Little Miss Hay Days and Mr. Haymaker essay contest was held at Cozad Elementary on Thursday, Sept. 5. Numerous students participated, the fourth grade winners were Bailey Hyatt and Julien Davis and the fifth grade winners were Emma Howerter and Braedon Groteluschen.

The Cozad Jaycees had some fun with the identity of the 2019 Hay Days Grand Marshal. Several hints were posted on social media so people could try to guess who the marshal was this year.

Hints included the marshal served the City of Cozad for 22 years and served in law enforcement for 25 years between the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office and Cozad Police Department. The marshal was revealed to be former mayor Nancy Meyer.

The Hay Days parade was well attended, with many organizations and businesses taking part in the parade itself. The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office, Cozad Police Department and Cozad Fire and Rescue helped to lead the parade. Several alumni classes were also present in the parade including the classes of 1959, 1969, 1979, 1989, 1994, 2009.

Multiple farmers showed up on their antique tractors which ranged from a Farmall 560, John Deere 620, International Turbo, John Deere 4320 and an old Ford.

The parade float winners were announced, first place was Natural Escapes, second place was Ide Family Dental and third place was Frontier Home Medical.

The carnival was provided by DC Lynch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Cozad Jaycees were sold out of carnival tickets by Friday evening, but they could still be purchased at the gate.

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