4-H members to represent Dawson County at state competition

Local 4-H nominees to represent Dawson County in the State competition of the 4-H Awards/Incentives program include (front row, left to right) Daniela Solis, Lexington; Savannah Peterson, Gothenburg; Emma Peterson, Gothenburg; Helene Keiser, Gothenburg; Sarah Treffer, Cozad; and Abbie Owens, Lexington. (Middle row, left to right) Abby Allen, Lexington; Jacie Wolfinger, Lexington; Emma Luther, Overton; and Sydni Ringenberg, Lexington. (Third row, left to right) Gracie Schneider, Cozad; Saidi Ringenberg, Lexington; Greg Treffer, Cozad; Keith Allen, Lexington; and Spencer Walahoski, Overton. (Back row, left to right) Andrew Kreuscher, Gothenburg; Hayden Russman, Gothenburg; and Eli Boryca, Cozad. Not pictured are Mattison Beattie, Sumner; Karla Herrarte, Lexington; Morgan Schroeder, Cozad; and Aven Zimmerman, Overton.

The Dawson County 4-H Council announced at the recent 4-H Achievement Barbecue their 4-H nominees to represent Dawson County in the State competition of the 4-H Awards/Incentives program.

The main basis for selection is the growth of the 4-H'er, how they have shared their knowledge with others, and how they have been involved in their community.

The state selection process has changed to ‘Achievement Application’ for the selection of delegates to the National 4-H Congress and National 4-H Conference.

The Dawson County 4-H nominees for National 4-H Congress are as follows:

Abby Allen, Lexington;

Keith Allen, Lexington;

Eli Boryca, Cozad

Karla Herrarte, Lexington

Andrew Kreuscher, Gothenburg

Emma Luther, Overto

Sydni Ringenberg, Lexington

Hayden Russman, Gothenburg

Gracie Schneider, Cozad

Daniela Solis, Lexington

Greg Treffer, Cozad

Spencer Walahoski, Overton

Jacie Wolfinger, Lexington

Aven Zimmerman, Overton

Several 4-H’ers earned the opportunity to represent Dawson County in the state selection process for National 4-H Conference. The state selection is based on the Achievement Application and a personal interview. Those 4-H’ers include:

Keith Allen, Lexington

Mattison Beattie, Sumner

Helene Keiser, Gothenburg

Abbie Owens, Lexington

Emma Peterson, Gothenburg

Savannah Peterson, Gothenburg

Saidi Ringenberg, Lexington

Gracie Schneider, Cozad

Morgan Schroeder, Cozad

Greg Treffer, Cozad

Sarah Treffer, Cozad

Spencer Walahoski, Overton

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