For the good, for the better of the community: Give BIG Lexington 2019

YMCA members, Riley Gruntorad, left and Amy Adams, right, volunteering their time at Give BIG Lex.

LEXINGTON — At 9:43 a.m. the number was at $85,664 and it continued to grow.

It is one of the most unique days of the whole year in Lexington. Give BIG Lexington, held by the Lexington Community Foundation, sees an outpouring of support for community organizations, businesses and projects.

At the Dawson County Annex Building, volunteers were busy since the early morning tabulating amounts, and plugging them into the appropriate location and would be doing so until the evening.

Orthman Community YMCA branch director Riley Gruntorad was one of the volunteers.

When asked about the YMCA being a part of the Give Big event, he said, “The YMCA is a community organization, we are here to help build a better community. We are proud to be a part of this today, we want to make an impact in the community, this is an amazing day for all of us.”

Seated next to the YMCA branch director was associate executive director Amy Adams.

“The (Lexington Community Foundation) gives so much, it’s nice to have the opportunity to give our time back to the foundation,” Adams said.

Another volunteer was seated at a table quickly handling stacks of cash from donations which had come in. Lexington Regional Health Center Director of Finance Tara Naprstek said “It is important for LRHC to give back to the community which gives so much back to us.”

Naprstek has been volunteering at Give BIG Lexington for the last three years.

When asked why she volunteers she said, “I enjoy the interaction with the community members. Everyone from kids to seniors is giving a little to help us all give big.”

In the morning, the causes and organizations with the highest number of donations were the Dawson County Area Hero Flight, the Orthman Community YMCA, Johnson Lake Trails and the Lexington Veterans Pavilion.

By 9:52 a.m. the number had jumped up to $91,489 and it continued to grow.

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