COZAD — DawsonHome Furniture and Décor located at 829 Meridian Ave continues to provide unique merchandise and quality shopping experience to Cozad, Dawson County and beyond. Founded by Tom Gosinski, DawsonHome has expanded from an unexpected inception business, a flower shop.

Gosinski had taken floral design classes in Denver to learn how to design flowers for his garden. Soon after, people were asking him to design flowers for parties, church altars and funerals. “I realized there was a demand for a flower shop which provided unique youthful designs and decided to open shop,” he said.

The full service flower and gift shop, called Flowers, opened on July 1, 2014. The small shop features a front section dedicated to retail, and the back half features a design space, walk-in cooler and storage, Gosinski said.

As time went on, the retail section of Flowers was generating as much revenue as the flower department, Gosinski said. The retail space was filled with a variety of accessory furniture, lamps, mirrors, pictures, candles and other gift items, he said.

“It was hard to keep the space filled because the merchandise sold as quickly as I could get it,” said Gosinski.

As if on time, the building across the street from Flowers, became available. Gosinski spoke with the owner about doing something with the space. He said he never imagined occupying the whole space, but the retail success of Flowers made him feel like he could succeed on a larger scale.

The building at 829 Meridian went through several transactions and eventually was the property of the Cozad Development Corporation. Gosinski negotiated with the CDC to rent half the building, which offered around 5,000 square feet of space.

DawsonHome opened its doors on Oct. 1, 2016. Gosinski said in the beginning they carried furniture, accessories, and gifts from a variety of vendors including Uttermost, Revelation, Klaussner, Comfort Design, Left Blank Art, IMAX, Beatrix Ball and Caspari.

“DawsonHome realized success in a relatively short time,” Gosinski said, “We offer a variety of furniture styles, from rustic, to traditional to modern. Each piece of furniture is picked in a curated manner, being thoughtful of our customers’ tastes and lifestyles.”

“I don’t feel like merchandise should have a birthday,” Gosinski continued, “so if something isn’t selling, it’s discounted. That doesn’t mean we made a bad choice when purchasing items, it simply means we either missed an opportunity to show it to the right customer or possibly, we didn’t display it in the most attractive way.”

Fourteen months after DawsonHome opened, Gosinski said the adjoining half of the 829 Meridian building became available and plans were made to purchase the entire building and expand into the empty space.

On April 15, 2018, the purchase was completed and DawsonHome expanded and now occupies the entirety of the 10,000 square foot building.

“Since the expansion we have added more furniture, bedding by Ann Gish, drapes by Creative Threads and most recently, Benjamin Moore paint products,” said Gosinski.

Gosinski said each item in both stores is personally selected with a specific customer group in mind.

“To stay current, it’s important we attend markets so we evolve with the industries we represent,” he said, “Although I don’t believe in trends, it’s important that we always think of our customer base so we change with existing customers and nurture new ones.”

Gosinski attends semi-annual markets to purchase inventory for his stores and said although DawsonHome is larger in both size and revenue, Flowers is still an integral part of the formula.

Gosinski said setting up a room is similar to how one would construct a bouquet, “Like flowers, rooms have color, shape and texture and it’s the combination of all those elements which make rooms and bouquets beautiful.”

When asked about what DawsonHome contributes to the area, Gosinski said, “DawsonHome and Flowers provide Cozad and the surrounding area with unique merchandise and shopping experiences. DawsonHome is set up as a series of vignettes which allow people to see our interpretations of how rooms might be decorated.”

From rugs to furniture to art to accessories we display the, ‘look’ we feel best utilizes the merchandise,” he continued, “With the expansion we can help customers with paint, drapery and bedding selections to complete whatever room they might be working on.”

DawsonHome also provides in-home color and design consultations, there is a fee for the service, but if a customer buys merchandise through DawsonHome, “the fee is deducted from the cost of the merchandise, so it’s free,” said Gosinski.

Ever interested in the community in which they are located, Gosinski said DawsonHome and Flowers, whenever possible, contribute to Cozad schools, churches and non-profit organizations.

“DawsonHome stands out from other furniture and décor stores because our vignettes tell a story,” Gosinski said, “It’s easy to look at one of our vignettes and imagine the people who will live in it. We’re as much a lifestyle store as we are a furniture or décor store. It’s our job to match customers with styles in which they can comfortably live.”

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