Dawson County courthouse to resume in person proceedings beginning June 8, 2020

LEXINGTON — In person proceedings will start back up at the Dawson County courthouse starting in June after being shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dawson County District Court Judge James Doyle reported to the Dawson County commissioners, the Nebraska Supreme Court has announced the court is to resume in person proceedings starting on June 8, 2020.

Persons who have business with the court will be required to enter the courthouse from the Grant St. entrance and they will have to submit to testing, which includes having their temperature taken and filling out a questionnaire.

Masks will be required, which must cover the nose and mouth. The social distancing standard of six feet between people will also be observed. Only 10 people will be allowed in the courtroom at any given time.

These procedures will be continued through the fall.

County Assessor John Moore also expressed concern to the commissioners about the upcoming protest time of June 1 and the related COVID-19 hazards.

The protest forms 421 and 421A can be found at the county’s website, dawsoncountyne.org, under the clerk tab. They can also be mailed or picked up in person on a table in the entry way of the east side of the courthouse.

Also related to the pandemic, the Dawson County commissioners amended the county’s COVID-19 leave policy. They added an additional 80 hours for full time, 40 hours for party time and doubling hours for employees less than 20 hours. They must secure this through a form.

Brandon Kjar appeared before the commissioners regarding an update of lighting at the Lexington road shop. The commissioners voted to accept the proposal from Prime Electric, which totaled $3,745.

Sheriff Ken Moody appeared and presented the April crime report.

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