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Left to right: Alfredo Con, Chris Rivas, Simon Rivas. These Lexington Public School students helped to sand chairs on Thursday. These will be used at the new location of the Dawson County Children’s Museum. Simon Rivas and Alfredo Con will both be seniors, and Chris Rivas will be a fourth grader.

LEXINGTON — After an eight year search the Dawson County Children’s Museum will now have a location of their own to operate out of. The organization will be moving into the building at 800 N. Washington St.

Dawson County Children’s Museum board president Pat Longly said the location on Washington St. was, "the right size, affordable and felt like the right fit."

She added the building will be known to, "old timers," as the old Maloley grocery store and the site where Department of Health and Human Services used to have a call center.

Longly started the Children’s Musuem organization back in 2011 after she retired from teaching, but the group has never had a building to call their own.

Until now the Children’s Museum has been operating out of the Lexington Public Library, hosting events on the second Saturday of each month, Longly said.

The new space will allow the museum to create learning centers focused on specific subjects as well as space for social functions such as birthday parties. Longly said the ideas for different centers is still being decided but they hope to feature areas for reading, the outdoors, art, theatre and STEM subjects.

The lease for the building will start in June and Longly plans to get to work immediately to make the space ready to open when school starts again in the fall.

Longly said the starting hours for the museum will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday from10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 to 7 p.m.

When the doors do open the museum will be asking an admission fee, the amount which is still being decided upon. Longly hopes this will not deter families but wants to let them know this money would go to making the museum economically sound and to help all the volunteers to continue to provide this service to the community.

The Children’s Museum is helped in their mission by financial and volunteer support from the community, Longly said. If anyone is interested in donations or providing manpower while the museum begins to remodel, contact Pat Longly at 308-325-6164.

The mission of the Dawson County Children’s Museum, according to their website," is to offer children and adults the opportunity to explore areas of science, math, social studies and fine arts through free play, exploration and demonstration."

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