Hero Flight

The crew for the sixth Dawson County Area Hero Flight was filled recently. The upcoming flight is set to depart September 25 from the Heartland Military Museum in Lexington and return late September 28. The crew will fly non-stop from Omaha to Washington DC where they will visit the various memorials, including the WWII, Korean and Vietnam Memorials and Arlington National Cemetery.

Dawson County Area Hero Flight (DCHF) is organized for the sole purpose of honoring American Veterans for all of their sacrifices and service above self. Our mission is to honor our veterans by flying them to Washington D.C. and enabling them to visit THEIR memorials.

During past flights, Nebraska elected officials met the crew at the U.S. Capital.

The Hero Flight concept began locally in Custer County and was adopted by Dick Pierce of Miller for nearly a dozen Buffalo County flights. Mr. Pierce helped get the Dawson County effort off the ground last year.

Each flight is supported by donations, with the first flight funded completely by Dawson County citizens, businesses and civic organizations.

Veterans chosen for the current flight are: 

  • Ansley – Gary Deaver
  • Broken Bow – Leonard McKenney, Ted Stottlemire, Dennis Cramer and Vernon Oatman
  • Cozad – Larry Harvill
  • Elm Creek – Ronald Stauffer and Robert Fisher
  • Elwood – Dennis Kenning and Terry Evans
  • Eustis – Frank Strong
  • Gibbon – Oren Vollmer
  • Gothenburg – Charles Eggleston, Gene Bosch, Daniel Tinlin, James Haver, Donald Daup and Rolland Closson.
  • Kearney – Darrell Gregg and John Allan
  • Oconto – Kenneth Wagner and Ted Boysen
  • Overton – Tim White and Earl Linn

In all, the crew consists of three Korean War veterans, 18 Vietnam veterans and four that served between Vietnam and Korea. The Army is represented well with 16 members of the flight. Four Navy sailors, four Air Force airmen and one Marine round out the flight.

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