GRAND ISLAND — There was a little slice of Cozad on display during the Nebraska State Fair, six of them to be exact. Several of the Cozad art palattes from the Icon Project were selected to be taken down for the 150th state fair.

Cozad Development Corporation Executive Director Jennifer McKeone said members of the Nebraska State Fair board were impressed by the project and asked if there could be six of the palattes on display.

Some of the palattes which were on display included “The Reading Tree,” by Preston McDaniels, “Heritage,” by Susan Hart, “Experiencing Faith in Nature,” by Jeremy Koch, “The Pride of All Nebraska,” by Patrick Milne and “Wild Nebraska,” by Sue Perez.

The Icon Display was a project started by the CDC last year, artists from Cozad and aboard were invited to decorate 20 large art palattes with designs of their own or create a design envisioned by the business which sponsored the palatte.

The art palatte was chosen to celebrate Cozad’s art history, with the Robert Henri museum being a key example of that tradition, McKeone said earlier this year.

The palattes went on display throughout downtown Cozad in May and have helped to draw attention to businesses and Cozad itself.

On Oct. 19, there will be an auction of all of the art palattes held at the Paulsen training center at 6 p.m. Anyone can attend the auction and it will be an opportunity for people to meet the artists who helped create the displays. Bids will also be taken remotely for people who can’t attend in person.

Auction winners can do whatever they like with their palattes, McKeone said, they can display them as they like or donate them back to Cozad and the CDC will find a display space for them.

The funds for the auction are going to a CDC program called First Impressions. One goal of the project is a new welcome sign for the Cozad community and other beautification projects along the Highway 21 corridor.

“We want the best first impression for Cozad possible, we can continue this with a new welcome sign,” McKeone said.

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