Cozad Community Foundation (CCF) raises over $300,000 for a baseball/softball complex at Red Day this year.  The Cozad Community Foundation started out Red Day with the announcement of the purchase of 19 acres to be used for the complex.

CCF was founded to helps individuals, businesses and organizations make charitable contributions that will enhance and promote the quality of life in the Cozad community now and for generations to come. Cozad Community Foundation hosted the annual Red Day Fundraising event on Saturday February 22nd.

During Red Day this year the foundation announced the purchase of 19 acres of real estate consisting of blocks 1 and 2 of the Gaudreault addition to the City of Cozad, formally known as Frenchy’s. The Foundation pledged $100,000 towards the project with an additional $200,000 raised in donations and pledges during the event that evening.  Pledges toward the project can be made by donating through the CCF website, facebook or by contacting a board member.

Bri Snider, President of the Cozad Community Foundation said, “The Board is very excited about the purchase of this land. The members carefully considered all options, and felt this piece of ground was the best option to locate the future baseball & softball complex.   We are thrilled to have accomplished this starting point and look forward to the future.”  

The Foundation’s Red Day initiative began in 2015 and is an event focused on helping individuals and businesses in the Cozad community with their charitable donations. The idea behind such an event is to make donating simple and easy for everyone in the community. CCF offers a way to connect donors with causes that matter to your community.

When asked about the land purchase Marcus Kloepping, Mayor of Cozad commented, “The City of Cozad is very grateful for the land gift from the Cozad Community Foundation. This land will offer our residents a chance to clean up and develop the north side of Cozad. The area will someday offer a place for outdoor recreation and will invite visitors into our community to spend time and money. While the final plans are still up in the air, I invite every resident to “pitch in” by pledging time or money to the project.”  

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