Letter to the editor

After three calls to the City Manager (He just stepped out or he is away from his desk.), I am still waiting to find out if he has a solution for the situation at the Greenwood Cemetery.

Six or seven years ago we planted peonies on our gravesite. Many were mowed or broken off, so I placed metal rods around them.

Due to a hungry gopher this winter, the one on Bob’s side was probably his Christmas dinner and the one on my side was doing great until—

Maybe someone could answer mine and many others’ questions on what happened and why? What can be done? And what will be done?

This is breaking my heart. For as for as long as I can remember (and that’s a long time), peonies have greeted us on Memorial Day with their beauty.

I believe a published answer is needed so everyone involved could know what to expect of the city.

Nola Reed

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