Sometimes storms surprise me. I wasn't expecting storm activity anywhere in the area on Wednesday, June 19, I was partially right. 

I am embarrassed to say I saw this storm visually before I checked out the radar. I turned north to head home this evening and there it was, one lone thunderhead dominating the northern sky.

I jumped on the radar and was surprised to see there were no other cells in the vicinity, this storm had the north central Nebraska sky all to itself. The storm had picked up a severe weather warning, as it was producing golf ball sized hail. 

I drove north of Lexington with my camera in tow to grab a couple of shots of this storm which was moving almost directly south, another oddity. I would have stayed out there longer but I was being eaten alive my the mosquitoes.

A spray plane was flying in the area and getting a shot of the aircraft with the thunderstorm in the background turned out to be one of my favorite shots of the season, minus my first ever tornado picture. 

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