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Speeding traffic a problem

We have a problem with traffic on the 900 block of west 8th Street in Lexington, NE.

Too many times we hear and see a vehicle of any size and style driving rather fast down this street. It is my understanding that the speed limit for most streets in town is 25 but if you set on your porch or front lawn you will hear and see vehicles driving by rather quickly, which includes school buses and FedEx trucks. Surely there is something that can be done about this.

And the reason I am mentioning this is we have children that live on this street and sometimes they play out in the street. My fear is one day some child will rush out into the street to retrieve a basketball or other item an a accident will occur or an adult is walking across the street thinking it is ok to go when they should look more than twice going across - where are the police when this occurs? 

Also, there should be a city ordnance or law that states you aren't suppose to use your cell phone when driving this needs to be enforced because too many times I see a person driving a vehicle and they’re talking on their cell phone. How can you watch the traffic and talk on a phone at the same time!

Please consider making it a law where a person can do a citizen arrest for violating a law such as this or to contact the police department with the license plate of the offending car. I know one city that has passed a law about the use of a cell phone, loud motors/mufflers and loud music, that city is Davenport, Iowa. You should consider passing such a law here because I find it disturbing to have someone drive by our house and hear loud music blasting from their car radio or their muffler needs to be fixed or they are talking on a cell phone. Surely something can be done about these issues or at least consider implementing a solution to these problems.

Patty Boeckman


Alumni weekend was pure gold

Golden memories were created! Many huge THANK YOU’S!

The Clipper-Herald did a super job with the pre and post alumni coverage! The GrandGenerationCenter started our activities with a delicious lunch with classmate Bob Warner driving his beautifully restored 1965 Ford. An enjoyable bus tour of Lexington included stops at Lexington Senior High and seeing all the additions and the Middle School with the restoration of the building most area students were educated in over many decades and the location for the 125th Alumni Banquet. The legacy gift of a durable steel bench was unveiled before a tour of the YMCA.

The amazing gift of love created by classmate Jeannine Batie Nelsen in an emotional presentation of a full sized individually made and personalized “Quilt of Valor” was given to each veteran of the LHS and St. Ann’s class of 1966. As we gathered at District No. 22 school (where classmates were taught by Mrs. Evelyn Guyer, mother of classmate Janna Guyer Peyton). There was a barbecue meal and door prizes brought by classmates, depicting where they live, which made for a fun game and much visiting.

The DawsonCountyMuseum welcomed the group Saturday morning with a Minuteman display in the entry to fit the occasion.

A walk through the exhibits held reminders of the area of our youth. Saturday afternoon we were at the Majestic Theater and viewed a 19 minute DVD of Lexington’s history.

The banquet, class pictures and more visiting concluded the highlights of the Welcome Home Celebration. Great appreciation to those who gave so generously of their time, talent and treasure! We feel so blessed!

Galen and Joan Morris

1966 graduates of LHS

Big Alumni thank you

We would like to thank everyone who helped make our 125th Lexington Alumni Banquet a huge success.  We especially want to thank all the class chairpersons, the Lexington Foundation, Barmore Drug Store, the Lexington Clipper-Herald, Dawn Holbein- Hy-Vee Catering, Church of Christ youth group, and the Lexington Public Schools.  We also want to thank Corky Anderson and Lynee McGuire for all their help.  We look forward to working with all of you next year.

Lexington Alumni Association

Terry Gullion-president

Marilyn Kleint Hueftle-Secretary

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