Letters to the editor

The city of Lexington has lost a dear and gentle man!

His devotion to the elderly ladies of Lexington (and men) for many years. Just a call to him and he would see that their problems were readily taken care of.

When my mother passed, there was a question of the correct measurements of the lot and we were not at home, he looked until he found us before anything was done about it.

When the small marble stones of my grandmother Jones, my aunt Elizabeth and her husband and Harry Richwine were being relentlessly chipped by the mowers and after 60 or so years were sinking into the ground, he came to me and told me what he was going to do about it. The stones were removed, taken to the shop, cleaned and what was able to be glued was done. They were then  replaced into a cement setting.

All of his working life he made certain that the job he undertook was done correct and prompt!

The citizens of Lexington are poorer, but we know Glenn is richer!

Bob and Nola Reed


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